Peter Conti’s Quick-Start Program: ”Investing in Real Estate”

Are you ready to take advantage of today’s market turmoil by buying residential real estate at unheard-of low prices?  Many fortunes will be made during the next few years by investors with the courage and know-how to invest in homes now.  Remember — the way to wealth is to buy low and sell high, not the reverse!  What could be a better time to invest than now?

We’d like to help you achieve your financial goals.  Our business model is a little bit different from other people’s — we believe in providing people who are exploring becoming real estate investors with a lot of excellent information for free.  Why?  For two reasons:

  • We have only limited openings in our Residential Mentoring Program, and we want to make sure that the students we accept know what they’re getting into and are truly committed to succeeding
  • We are confident that once you make the decision to move forward with your residential investing, our free training will have convinced you that our superior mentoring and win-win approach to the business are for you!

So register now to take advantage of the many resources we are making available to you for free!

Join the Quick-Start Program to receive four free training webinars, excellent downloadable training resources, and a one-on-one consultation with a residential investing expert

The Quick-Start Program contains a dazzling amount of high-quality free training.

Training Webinars:

Peter kicks off the program with training webinars over the next few months chock-full of information on the following critical topics:

Profiting in Today’s Market Using Nothing Down Investing Techniques

Short Sales Step by Step

Foreclosures:  Profiting From the Foreclosure Meltdown

How to Buy Your First Apartment Building

Informative Audio Trainings

Sometimes the best way to learn how to achieve success is to listen to how other people accomplished the same goal.  Sit back and enjoy.  Who knows, perhaps you could be be telling a similar story before you realize it..

  • How Elizabeth Made a Profit On Her First Short Sale
  • Emily Cressey:  College Student to Very Successful Investor Seemingly Overnight!
  • How to Become a Cash-Producing Real Estate Genius
In-Depth Video Trainings
  • The Quick-Start System for Finding Motivated Sellers
  • Secrets of Short Sales (How to Buy Houses at 60% to 70% of Value)
Helpful Articles by Peter Conti
  • What I Wished I Knew When I Started Investing
  • How to Get a Seller to Say “Yes” to Your Creative Offer
  • How to Find Motivated Real Estate Sellers Now
  • How to Become a Real Estate Investor Without Becoming a Landlord

Free eBook

Peter Conti’s first book Multiple Streams of Income: Buying Houses in Nice Areas With Nothing Down is an excellent introduction to the art of creative real estate investing.  In 288 pages, this book covers such critical topics as how to find motivated sellers, how to use the instant offer system to get sellers to say ‘Yes!”, how to find hungry tenant-buyers, and how to structure money-making purchase-option deals.  This easy-to-read book sells for $11.95.  Read the eBook for free and launch your exciting new career as a real estate investor!

Personal Consultation

Finally, as the capstone of Peter Conti’s Quick-Start Program to Make Millions in Residential Real Estate, we’ll schedule a one-on-one call for you with one of our top residential investing consultants to discuss how you can become a successful residential investor on the fastest-possible timing.

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