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Jerry Norton the Commercial Back Flip Guru

Jerry Norton - Investor & Mentor

Jerry Norton, the CEO of Mentor Financial Group, LLC, can help you get started making money in real estate by actually doing deals with you. Jerry got started in 2004, right when the real estate market started to decline. He had to create new techniques that would allow someone to make money – in any real estate market – without using their own cash or credit.

Now that the real estate market has changed, Mentor Financial Group’s residential and commercial investing programs allow the average person to make money with real estate in all market conditions. Jerry and his team of professional real estate investing mentors have helped thousands of clients across the country create financial independence using the power of real estate.

Jerry’s background was that he was working in underground construction as a laborer that dug holes when he decided to change his life by getting started investing in real estate. He knew real estate was the right path for him after earning $52,000 in his first month as a wholesaler.

He quickly advanced from wholesaling properties to flipping houses to high-end retail buyers. It wasn’t long before Jerry’s “do it now” attitude and ability to think and act big allowed him to quickly become one of the most sought after experts in fix and flipping houses, new construction and flipping commercial properties.

Jerry with his wife and 6 children

Jerry with his wife and 6 children

Over the years, he has developed hundreds of connections with private lenders who now provide the funding for Jerry and his students’ projects. Jerry’s ability to quickly and clearly communicate to his investors the benefits of funding potential deals is something that all of Mentor Financial Groups clients are working to emulate.

Most of the clients who are working with Mentor Financial Group are able to tap into the funding sources that Jerry has established as they get their real estate investing business off the ground and running. Then, using the strategies that Jerry teaches in the training programs, they are able to transition over to developing their own private investors.

Jerry Norton loves to teach other investors the techniques and systems for investing in residential and commercial properties and how to raise money. He has taught thousands of investors all over the U.S. and now has clients in seven other countries who are using Mentor Financial Group’s strategies to make money with real estate.

Married with 6 children and living in Utah, When he’s not doing deals, Jerry enjoys time with his wife, traveling in his RV, boating, wakeboarding, and scuba diving. He also enjoys coaching his kids sports events, serving in his church, vacationing, and spending time with his family. 

Real Estate Mentors with Clients

Jerry and Clients at Recent Training

Each year Jerry Norton holds real estate investing webinars, workshops and seminars at which thousands of real estate investors across the country discover the realities of making money by investing in real estate. Students in Mentor Financial Group Mentoring Programs have bought and sold over $100 million worth of real estate over the past decade. 

Jerry Norton takes over the reins

Jerry Norton the Commercial Back Flip Guru

Jerry invites Peter onto his radio show

After working side by side with Jerry Norton for many years Peter Conti decided to retire and enjoy the profits he’s made from real estate and his other ventures over time. Peter turned over the keys to Jerry so that he could continue to help our clients profit from real estate no matter where they are starting from.

Peter says “Jerry has so much more energy than me and the methods he comes up with to profit from the various real estate markets are incredible! I know that Jerry will take care of you and continue to provide the step by step instruction that Mentor Group, LLC is famous for.”